Production commenced on July 25, 1949, and doubled by 1950.

At the beginning of 1951, Mostaren Brezno became an independent, state-owned company and manufactured numerous road and railway bridges, roduction halls, railway wagons, material handling equipment and tower.

The company facilities were enlarged in 1961 and the final expansion phase took place in 1978, involving new paint shops.

Following the change in the market situation in 1990, the company was divided into MOSTAREN BREZNO, MOSTAREN BREZNO a.s., MOSTAREN BREZNO Industria a.s. (Holding HTC), VMB s.r.o. and MB Industry s.r.o. Adjustments were made with regard to employees and products, in order to match customer demands. In addition, the current K-SUPRA s.r.o. was founded on February 12, 2002.


Mostárenská 9 / 29
SK - 977 01 Brezno

Slovensko - Slowakei - Slovakia

e-mail: k-supra@k-supra.sk